Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Make money online with Pheedo on blog

Well, this is i found new pay per click program on Internet. This is call Pheedo, you can make money online with pheedo on your blog as well. Make money by pheedo is one of alternative pay per click, and get revenue online.

On this and next future or pass articles that i write i just write the small review for each pay per click program, so you get others alternative to get revenue based on pay per click system program. Pheedo is similar program like google adsense as well. . .

Pheedo is not quite same like google adsense, pheedo is more specify for RSS feed that your blog provide to. Based on your RSS , you can make money online.

Pheedo creates new kinds of profit driven advertising services through distributed content, as RSS, for our publishers and advertisers. Our pioneering efforts have resulted in triple digit revenue growth for leading publishers and connected millions of content hungry readers to bar advertisers.

You can see more detail and visit the website here at

We provide RSS advertising industry in 2003 and regarded as a premier supplier of food products in advertising services for publishers and advertisers. Every day, award-winning publishers including Wired, Ziff Davis and Gawker Media trust us to deliver content and advertisements to the most active and affluent parts of their readers.

Pheedo was founded in 2003 and has offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, OR and Tokyo. Pheedo received strategic investments from Trans Cosmos Investments & Business Development.


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