Monday, 20 July 2009

Boom on JW Marriott and Ritz Charlton

Indonesia berduka, that is the news paper say. One again boom on JW marriott and Ritz Charlton haven, and 9 was killed and 50 more are injured. This is terorist attack, so when is blogger attack to kill the terorist webpage ? . . .

Well, terorist are not have brain, no have human filling, and no religion. Even they do act named Jihad but on Islam there is no kill each others on peace city.

Boom on JW Marriott and Ritz Charlton shock on me and all the bloggers in Indonesia. Can not focus on writing some articles, this is make me sad.

This is an human act, do killed with boom is not gentleman, terorist only do like chicken they can not fight like a man, fuckkamu off terorist.


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