Thursday, 25 June 2009

Make money online with AdsKlix on blog

Yesterday, i was searching on Internet to find another newest website that provide pay per click. Make money online with AdsKlix on your own blog is newest, i found it on google adwords advertising as well.

Make money online with adsKlix is new, and variety site to get revenue from advertiser. AdsKlix provide two item, Advertiser and Publisher. It is just like google adsense , you can earn money as publisher. And when you are need to get huge trafic try to use this site.

Make money online with adsKlix make your blog usefully, while your blogging you can earn extra money.

What is the benefit when you are an Advertiser :
* Pay Per Click Advertising for only Starts at US$ 0.01
* Real time keyword bidding and more targeted
* High quality contextual ads
* Competitive with other website rates for costly keywords
* Min. Deposit !! Only $10 or more ..!!
* Real time reporting & campaign for result and report

What is the benefit when you are an Publisher :
* Earn revenue with pay Per Click Program
* Payout at $20 by Paypal
* Intutive and variety Control Panel
* Control all the appearence of ads
* Many Lots of ad formats available
* Real time reporting & revenue trackin system

So, what are you waiting for ? . Let's make money online on your own blog today.

To see more detail about this site please visit at


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