Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Make money online with Adgenta on your blog

Let's make money online with Adgenta for free on your blog as well. Adgenta is similar website like google adsense, simple put the code on your blog, and wait until the advertiser code was clicked and get revenue on one click.

Well, adgenta is Redirect website from qumana dot com, to make a better system qumana change their web page. With Qumana you can insert the adgenta ads.

AdGenta is a simple and effective way to unlock the revenue potential of your website or blog. AdGenta is a unique opportunity to embed ads anywhere you can put a picture - a blog on your Web site to your RSS feed. As you choose your keywords Post, you have control of your web site visitors to see the ad - it is not related to the content, but your knowledge and your readers what you write.

This is the web page for Qumana dot com :

On my article at only inform you the new pay per click program and to see more detail of this website that provide make money online on blog for free, you can visit this website on or


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yes bost said...

nice article, i like your posting . this is very usefull and greatfull online making money.


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