Saturday, 6 June 2009

Make money online on blog with Yes Advertising

Yes, let's make money online on blog with YesAdvertising today. YesAdvertising is similar like google adsense as well, This website are provide pay per click system and you can make money online based on it.

YesAdvertising Ltd. is a division of e-commerce solutions YesUp YesUp Ltd. was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001 under the name YesUp e-Solutions, Inc based in the city of Toronto, Canada. YesUp offers e-commerce solutions for its clients high quality design, programming, technical expertise and marketing innovation. Well, do want to make money online on blog with YesAdvertising . . .

YesAdvertising provide Advertiser and Publisher. With Advertiser you can promote and get traffic into your website or blog increase daily. And with Publisher you can get money online based on pay per click system as well.

Beside make money online, herewith the others benefit became publisher on YesAdvertising :

- Accept and pay some movement from all countries
- Guaranteed satisfaction payment limit CPM rate
- 5 level of the reference
- 24 / 7 Live statistics and earning reports
- Bi-weekly payment via PayPal or check
- Advance standard ad management (Geo-target)
- No contract, the volume of paper
- High quality and innovative ads
- Advertisement Control
- Dedicated Account Manager
- Self-serve account management
- No setup costs and
- Free services support

Well, to see more detail about YesAdvertising, you can visit this link


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Nice, Thanks for the info.

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