Monday, 27 July 2009

Premium country, america, smart pricing

This is for google adsense publisher, google used smart pricing to make their pay per click program better. Is this better for publisher ? it can be yes, and can be no. Smart pricing count with many variable that will press publisher to get money online.

One of the variable of smart pricing is premium country, and America, Europe has including. Google has own rule to make their program always profitable. . .

Make money online with google adsense for publisher is more difficult, smart pricing is good for Google advertiser. Google adsense has many competitor of pay per click program , so they will make a rule that will make an Advertiser like their program.

Smart pricing also used relevant ads into your blog, for example your blog category are Car Services and on google adsense stock there is no Car services ads but Car Insurance, so your blog will fill ads with theme Car Insurance as well. And the fact is your blog will get less , because of smart pricing. This will make money online is not easy as it seen.

So the tips is to block the Smart pricing is find on google adwords not on google adsense , what ads are the most price up and there is ads available that will relevant on your blog as well.


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