Friday, 17 April 2009

How to make free website / blog

This is good question when you ask how to make free website, free website you can make it with blog. With blog your templates will look the same like regular website online, on this section you can make free for domain name , and make free for hosting server as well. No money to spend it out.

Herewith i give you the easy ways to make free blog as your website :

  1. Visit
  2. This image bellow will appear :

  3. Insert your Email address and email password on the red circle as well, to study how to make free email with google please click here.
  4. Click create blog on the right bottom panel, and this image bellow will appear :

  5. Insert your blog name, centang at i accept the term of services on blog and than click Continue panel. After that will appear this image bellow :

  6. Typing your blog name, and blog address URL and than click continue, after that will appear image as bellow :

  7. Click one of the templates that you want on your website as a blog. and than click continue panel , after that will appear image as bellow :

  8. Congratulation your blog has been created, and than try to Start Blogging.
Yes, i think that is the easy step to make free website as your blog, you can make website of purchase , website of home services , etc with this blog.

Promote your idea and product or Diary on you own blog and try to make money online.


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