Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Make related posts on blogger

Many blogger are confusing, how to make related posts on blogger at your blogspot blog as well ? . Well, today i will give you step by step to make related post right on bottom of your posting.

This is good for page traffic as well, when people are realy seen one posting article on your blog than they will interesting to find anothers related posting on your blog. This widget you will not see on blogger dashboard as well, because i don't know why blogger didn't provide this widget. Many trafic will adjust to your page posting. And do you want to know step by step to make related post on blogger . . .

Herewith step by step to make related post on your blogspot web on blogger :
1. Open your blogger dashboard, Click layout, click edit HTML, and than click Expand Widget Templates.
2. Find this code


3. Download this Script here and copy paste the script on the bottom of code <data:post.body/>
4. Done, Click save template. And enjoy it . . .

Well, i have been done one related post script on blog tutorial at my blog as well, so i will also provide others blog tutorial that will bring your blog a better traffic as well. I also already post article that provide how to make read more on blogger.

Make money online need this widget to share your others posting in one article, so people may click your related post ride a way.


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