Monday, 13 July 2009

Blogger Vs Wordpress, Which media is the best ?

Actually, i did not mean to make blogger and wordpress head to head on Search engine optimization. Blogger Vs Wordpress, which media is the best ? I think this is difficult to answer, because each media have benafit and loser.

Many bloggers are recommended wordpress is the best media to blogging and get huge traffic. But on my opinion i more preffers with blogger , . . . Why ? find out the anwer next . . .

Let's compare both of that media as well :
On Wordpress :
- In free hosting and free domain you can't add revenue script like google adsense.
- Need own domain and own hosting to get better traffic.
- Have many plugin that provide SEO campaign.

On blogger :

- In free hosting and free domain you can make and add revenue script like google adsense.
- You may only change your domain name and still host in blogger for free.
- Blogger has own by google inc.
- Have little plugin that provide SEO campaign, but don't worry if you are still read my article as well, i will provide more blogger plugin on this blog.

Well, i did not mean to drive you to use blogger, but i just provide some of my opinion based on my experience as well. If you have any idea , please you can write it on comment area and i will discuss with you soon. . .


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