Friday, 24 July 2009

villa for rent in bali

This article look out of blogger tutorial and make money online. Well, this is only my friend request to support their property in bali. This is call villa for rent in bali, the owner will be happy when the villa always full booking.

Where should you rent the best villa in bali that will provide near to the beach, you can surfing on brawa beach in Canggu and others think on the beach. This villa is located on Jalan Pamelisan agung, Gang purwani number 02, Pantai brawa, Canggu - Bali. . .

I have been inspection to the villa, and it is really nice perform balinese architectural design as well. Actually , my company has supervise the project, hi hi hi hi hi . . . I am not real blogger, i am architect from bali, my company name PT. Bali Arcon Jaya, or you can visit my architect company website at or

Back to the laptop, villa for rent in bali. The villa is called ''Villa elanora'' own by Indonesian people whom stay in Australia. The owner accept his villa to be rental, as long as the price is profitable.

And herewith the picture :

Well, if you want to say one romantic night on this villa you can do a reservation on this website at or you can send me an email at to booking the villa today, . . . I can guaranteed, that you will happy and satisfaction.


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