Saturday, 11 July 2009

This is weekend, no money online searching

After google kick my pagerank , i was falling down. No spirit to write and no money to entertainment massage, hi hi hi. This is weekend, no money online searching any way. But , today on early morning i seen on my toolbar menu at the right bottom tool, my blog pagerank has normal again.

This blog pagerank back to normal again, make money blog free has pagerank 2. At the beginning i only keep writing one month and than i found my blog pagerank become 2, after three month letter i lost my pagerank and after three weeks my pagerank normal again, . . .

I still confusing with google algorithm today 0 and tomorrow 2, is this the google machine ? .

Well, i not want to blame google anyway , but one again thanks to google has increase my pagerank straight.

This is weekend, no money online searching today. just write this blog and take a rest. Tomorrow i will go to the buleleng regency to find new staff. Make money online need more staff to write all of my blog.


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