Friday, 3 July 2009

Make keywords and description script to blogger

After i find on search engine how to make keywords and description on blogspot, absolutely i am not found it as well. Well, to make it easy and simple i try to do it by my self. Make keywords and description script to blogger is not easy.

Almost one day i write and delete, try and error , parsing etc. When you need to find more money online you should make keywords and description so search engine can find your website as soon as possible.

Well, on this article i will prepare the result for try at lease one month , when it is success i will write it for you, how to make keywords and description script to blogger, and of course you only download it and put into your header of blogger.

Can you write it into my comment area, so i can know how much interesting you guys to know about keywords and description on blogger as well. If there is no comment at all, i will try to write other article.

To see the result of this keywords meta and description meta you can find it on my blog making money online, step :

1. Open one of my article for example this article or others.

2. On the toolbar menu click View and than click Page source, enter.

3. And you will see the php language, just see there is meta keywords and meta description automatically .

Based on my script you will not add keywords and description on each article as well, just automatically.

Do you want to download the keywords and description script for blogger ?


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