Saturday, 18 April 2009

money online resources

BAsed on my experient to make money online on Internet, today i will give you making money online resources. But when you want to try one of this , this is possible as well. Make money online resources is very much on Internet, so i will give you only based on my experient :

  1. PPC = Pay per click
    Make money online by post script add and when it click we will get money.
    Sample : Google adsense, bidbertiser, adbrite, chitika, etc.
  2. PTC = Pay to click
    Make money online by surfing ads and wait until 30 second, and get money when it is done.
    Sample :, clicksense,, etc.
  3. PPR = Pay per review
    Make money online by making one article and post into your blog, request by advertiser.
    Sample : Payperpost, bidvertise, reviewme, etc.
  4. Selling ebook
    Make money online by selling ebook, with best seller.
    Sample : e-book, make your own website, etc.
  5. Affiliate = Reseller
    Make money online by one of those member and get comission by selling their product.
    Sample : Amazon, ebay, etc.
  6. HIR = High investment risk
    Make money online by investment like stock holder or put some money into some trust website and get return on it.
    Sample : HYIP, Forex, etc.

I think six item above are real making money online, but i suggest not use all and focus only one of that item as well.

This item is only for beginner, beside that item making money online when you have other making money resources, please write it on comments area, OK. . .

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