Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Google gift my blog to increase the pagerank

On early morning i wake up on my bed. Open a computer and check my blog pagerank, it is surprise that Google give me a gift to increase the pagerank become 2. This is make my happy, . . .thanks google . . .

Make money online on blog at Internet will make right on rule and will available to increase your income if your blog pagerank rising up. Well, google has own calculation to decide what pagerank is your blog . . . This is unpredictable , and just flow like a water . Anyway, do you want to know how to increase the pagerank ? . . .

Well, on this situation i just blank my mind can not say a word. . . And if you ask me how to rising up the pagerank, truly . . i didn't know.

But , i will study on fourth of my blog. All my blog has increase their pagerank rapidly. When i already know , i will let you know on my future article . . .

On above image, i found pagerank will cause of the link. Internal link and external link. So, . . let's make money online today on your blog with high pagerank result.


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