Thursday, 13 August 2009

Noordin M Top not die yet

After police grab on tumanggung district, and killed one man inside the isolate house. Before DNA check many people believe that was Noordin M Top was killed. But , on police release and finally DNA Check does not approve that was nordin was killed, but Ibrohim Alias Boim.

Well, nothing we can say, just hope police department can catch the real terrorist Noordin. The Densus88, police right to terrorist department has fight with noordin since 2002, frist bali bomb. . .

And most of Indonesian people are worried that Noordin M Top not die yet, what we should do today . . . ? should we scared with terrorist activity ? .

On my opinion, we need to help Densus88 to fight against Noordin and crew as well, support police department by giving some information related to unsuspected activity on your neighborhood.

Wow, this is the super hero style above, he . . he . . he . . He is the most wanted person on this planet. Superman is death , noordin can not die, Stupid . . .

He has broken my country until now, when i meet him i will kick his ass . . .

Noordin M Top not die yet , he can be on your side today, beware when you seen on the picture please directly to contact near police post.


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