Saturday, 26 September 2009

Make better pagerank i will erase all banner

Well after i was studied a little bit about seo ( search engine optimization ) i will post the rule to erase external link like all banner for make better pagerank. This function to make relevant external link, so i should make external link with theme make money online also.

To make a better pagerank, no buddy know it until today. . . Just use instinct and experienced. So at this moment all the banner 125 x 125 will erase, and will appear againt on next future. I will send an email into all the banners owner, and will return the payment 100%.

Even this hard for my blog finance but i think this is the problem solving to make both of party are happy.

At the beginning my pagerank blog was 2 , but today just disappear . i don't know what cause it. Know i will pray , and i hope it will recovered soon. I hope google will seen my blog and will get higher pagerank next.


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reyah said...

hello, just visiting your blog...hope to see you on my blog too.

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