Thursday, 12 November 2009

KPK versus POLRI

You must be confusing about KPK versus POLRI, what is KPK What is POLRI. . . International may have no about this conflict. This is haven in my country Indonesia. There is a conflict between KPK and POLRI.

KPK is Komisi pemberantasan korupsi or Corruption watch department . And POLRI is Indonesian Police. To make our country out from corruption , both of this department have right to eliminate the corruptor.

In my mind there is no winner between KPK and POLRI. Who is the winner and who is the looser ? . . . Let's thing . . . The winner is Corruptor and the looser is people. am i right ?

I am as a blogger confusing about this conflict when i watching the television everyday. Each person attack and defend their corp. So, . . . Please stop this conflict and start to thing about Indonesian people each others. Start to eliminate the corruption on Indonesia otherwise we will down it into our grandchild.

Our president has right to stop this conflict , people are already tired about this situation.


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