Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pay per click is hard to make money online

Make money online with pay per click program is hard to do, because it is not easy. . . he. . .he. . .he. . . I will give you my opinion why it is hard to do. Based on my experience you will get only USD $ 0,01 per click but when you lucky with high paying keyword you will get USD $ 10 per click.

Let's assume USD $ 0,1 per click, with good keyword and match with adword google keyword as well. For example you want to get salary from pay per click program USD $ 200 per month. Ok, i will calculate the process to make $ 200 monthly . . .

Ok, herewith i give you the calculation as well :
USD $ 200 : 30 day = $ 6,66 let say $ 7 . you should get $ 7 per day.
I assume (not use high paying keyword ) per click is $ 0,01 = So, to find $ 7 per day you should have 700 click to your pay per click per day.

Not finish yet, on my own survey when you have visitor per day for example 1000 visitor / day and only 10% your change to get money by click.

So, to find 700 click per day your visitor should 7000 visitor per day. When you already get 7000 visitor per day, than you get change to earn money with pay per click program USD $ 200.

Ok, today based on my experience also, to get 7000 visitor per day and 210.000 ( 7000 x 30 ) visitor per month, you need strength Bandwith , am i right ? ? ?

So, the resume is to get money online by pay per click program is not easy ? ? be careful with advertiser that not correct as well. for example ''Get money online $ 200 dollar per day by adsense'' or kind of that advertiser. Careful and wise to decide business online.


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