Sunday, 3 May 2009

No Bandwith No Money

Hello, all of blogger. Greeting to all of Internet user, well after long time not write, today i have write new post article with title No Bandwith will impact with no earning money.

This is haven with my local blog that provide free advertiser online no register, straight online. there is call, almost few weeks i have not edit because their bandwith always banned by hosting server provider.

The local hosting server provider that provide cheap price for their server give not good at services and result. There is already fourth time that i change my hosting server provider as well, but all the provider can not handle my local website

I have loose my spirit to make money online at that time until one of my best friend refer me to has great visitor per day, there is around 700 until 900 unique visitor per day.

Sometimes with no reason, my hosting server provider close to access website. On one day, i will be loose some of my money at internet if nobody visit and surf at my website

That's why i change my oriented to use free hosting and free domain name to increase earning money online. With i can get free hosting and domain name, with proximately visitor around 2,000 per day. With blogger i make same concept for free advertiser online, like pasang iklan gratis on , you can copy and paste this link into your internet explorer as well " ''


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