Friday, 17 April 2009

How to edit blogger on dashboard

When you already make your own website as your blog, today this is only to introducing about how to edit and make post first article on your own blog.

On your blog there is 4 item menu :

  1. Posting
    Create , Edit post, and comment moderation.
    Create your first post article, edit and moderation on comment that add into your blog.
  2. Setting
    Basic, publishing, formatting, comments, archiving, site feed, email, open Id, permissions.
    Write your blog title and description to Search engine optimize google, formatting and setting your blog here.
  3. Layout
    Page elements, fonts and colors, edit html, choose new templates.
    On this part you can change your blog templates, and colors of your text and templates backround.
  4. Monetise
    Google adsense
    On this side is the most important part to make money online, please register first on make your own account, and get money as much.

Thanks for your attention, this only global explaination, when you are have question please do not hesitate to write it down on comment area.


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