Saturday, 25 April 2009

This blog is not SPAM

When i open this blog on night, i seen warning from blogger told me that my blog is SPAM. It is not true, i have write for everyday with unique article and no copy paste at all. I hope will give me to write about making money online with this blog for free. I just newbie on blogspot, please email me at if blogger team find something wrong on my blog.

On my blog i didn't put spam link or link to spam website at all, i have been write more that 18st unique article, when blogger delete this blog what should i do ? ? ?.

Please let me know ? because i love blogger forever life.

When i check my dashboard on this blog, i have been write capatcha image number and send it. I hope blogger will understand with my condition, and i would not break Blogger TOS. I am newbie, i just put link read more on my article to make look like similar with other greatest blog.


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