Thursday, 8 April 2010

Make money online, with google adsense, getting harder

Good morning every buddy, today i want to share to you that make money online with google adsense is getting harder. There is many reason why google adsense is getting harder. And many people that do a business online tell me like that.

For whom that already success in google adsense , please teach me how and tell your little tips to us. This is some of my friend posting that already get income $ 10 per day ...

My friend name is Agus. He already blogging from 2001 and today he already have 50 blog that one of his blog already get 7 of pagerank.
Agus said " doing a business in Internet is not easy as you think, make money online need patient and spirit to always shared "

That is beautiful words , and please do not a fried to shared with another. Agus only focus on his blog with write useful article, he did not think about link exchange as well. Make as much as you can to write useful article is better then you find link from others blog


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