Friday, 5 March 2010

i love my blog

Since a long time a go i was wrote this blog but uncle google did not respond my blog well. I really love my blog as well, love to write and write different articles. Since i was remember on 2009 april 16th , my first articles.

I did not know when my uncle (Google) will give this blog a huge pagerank not just zero always. With out pagerank my blog will have no visitors. and with out visitors i can not make money online.

My others blog with wordpress media give me great income on google adsense, you can find on google search engine FREE ARCHITECT ONLINE than you will find my blog at . On that blog i have prestigious adsense income per day.

The adsense post, right same with this blog but unfortunately this blog have no visitors like my architect blog as well.

I love my blog because :
1. This blog already have adsense placement with well.
2. This blog already have many articles since i wrote it.
3. This blog are have great themes that i design my own.
4. This blog was have pagerank 2 , but i did not know google than give zero on pagerank with out i change any page layout.
5. This blog was part of my life and i love with my blog

So , what about you, do you love your own blog ?


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